Businesses usually have their customer data in various sources. At times, when there is a need to import / export this data from disparate sources into your accounting / ERP software, it can be very challenging.

While it may be easy in some software packages to import / export data, it may be a complex task in others. Also, data may be stored in different ways in different software programs and it may need additional tools to import / export data and further manipulation after it has been extracted.

With our data import / export utility, you can now import and export data easily from any source.

We offer two solutions:

  1. Standard Product: With this data import / export tool, you can easily import and export data into your accounting software (Sage 50, QuickBooks and more) from any source (Excel, CSV, Access, SQL, ODBC compliant data or other accounting software). In addition to this, our data import / export utility also integrates with vertical specific solutions like ServiceCEO (, Accellos (, Allpriser (, Fieldaware (, Audatex (www.audatex) and more.
  2. Custom Solution: When a standard solution doesn’t fit your requirement, we can build a custom solution for your data import/export requirements.

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