Having a complete IT department is not a viable solution for most small businesses, and very few small companies can afford to deploy even one permanent IT employee.

Small business owners are under constant pressure to conduct business more efficiently and improve the productivity of their employees, while at the same time reduce costs. Computers often are struck with problems such as spam, virus, and security threats, and server and email access malfunctions cause employees to sit idle.

In addition to these normal business challenges, many small businesses are frustrated by the difficulties of dealing with new emerging technologies. Implementing new technology is a challenging job for small business owners and can cause numerous difficulties in day-to-day operations. The proliferation of mobile technology, tablet use and cloud-based technologies are putting an even greater strain on established network management processes.

With our managed IT services, we can help business owners by simplifying IT operations and improving the reliability of their IT infrastructure. Instead of spending time worrying about technology, small business owners can now stay focused on growing their businesses.

We offer a variety of services and service packages based on the business requirements and covering the following areas:

  • Computer & Server Support
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Network Security
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Technology Evaluation & Planning

Our Managed IT Service is more than a suite of best-in-class services – it is a strategic partnership.

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